The feeling of ‘things getting on top of us’ I am assuming is a feeling that most of us feel from time to time when everything just seems too much.

This is a feeling which is predominant in my mind today. But Why? I’m not really sure but I have the feeling that it is to do with feeling fearful or reluctant to step out into the new and by resisting I am making sure that THE POINT OF POWER IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT MINE IN THE MOMENT.

But WHY? and WHAT? is it that seems too much? I have a strong feeling that what it is that is’ getting on top of me’ is the knowing that I do NOT HAVE A PROBLEM and that I am able now to step into the future ….. certainly the ‘Old Old story’ which I have written about many times. And part of the ‘Old Old Story’ is the fact that the Ego Mind needs STRUGGLE in order to know that it exists. AND, the Ego Mind loves to chatter to itself and to others about its problems hence magnifying the negative aspects of life.

And so I need to stay with the feelings of ‘things going too well’ and of not wanting to step out into the NEW and EMBRACE CHANGE and then the POINT OF POWER WILL BE MINE IN THE MOMENT.


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