Another blog about homeless people I’m afraid because when I shop locally I’m surrounded by them.

I fail to understand why people who are homeless have no compassion for others in the same boat as themselves. My experience, however, is that many of them are only too eager to tell tales about their fellow companions presumably in the hope that I will give to them and not the other homeless.

This has caused me to wonder WHY they are homeless in the first place and the answer which reels its head is BAD KARMA.

Perhaps it is ‘normal’ for each to be out for themselves in their circumstances.

The reason, perhaps, that this may be so is that they have no self esteem or love for themselves. However, on a positive note it is my experience that from time to time strangers come up to me and thank me for helping them when they were homeless and the good news is that now they are no longer so.

PONDER POINTS: on reading this I felt…my thoughts on reading this are …



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