15 November 2021 — WHY WORRY?

I have no answer to that question. All I know it is so easy to fall back on to worrying about ‘this’ or ‘that’ instead of trusting in God/The Universe/Fate etc that everything will work out in the RIGHT WAY.

However, the ‘RIGHT’ way is NOT always the way our rational mind desires. I’m ashamed to say that today I have found it difficult NOT to worry about ‘this and that’. When we do choose to worry it usually means that we are avoiding ‘something’ — either knowing what we have to do because it makes us feel uncomfortable, or denying that we are on top of everything and have no need to worry, or, the knowing that it is time for us to move forward into the NEW, leaving the past behind.

And it is NOT always the NEW circumstances which phase us, often IT IS simply that we don’t wish to leave the past behind.

When we find ourselves fearful of the future or clinging on to the past it helps to look inward, beneath our rational minds, either by having a conversation with both hands, (however difficult we find it to write with our non dominant hand) getting each of the hands to ask the other, how it is feeling etc etc Meditation, through allowing our feelings to rise and fall in our Solar Plexus area and not allowing our thoughts to take us over can also help.

So, the question remains for me WHY Am I choosing to worry and WHY won’t I make any attempt to discover WHY?

When we cling on to an old habit pattern or a way of being which is not helping us

Our rational minds are often so stubborn that we will cling onto negative habit patterns and hence a negative way of being until they come to see this behaviour as SUFFERING.

PONDER POINTS: ….my feelings on reading the above are ….. my thoughts on reading the above are…. Worrying about things generally is not a habit pattern of mine because …. I do tend to worry a lot because …I don’t tend to worry too much because…..