16 April 2022 — EASTER

Today it might be said that the Easter holiday is celebrated for the exchanging of Easter eggs and for time off from work rather than for any religious significance.

For me, Easter is associated with visiting relatives by the sea in North Devon and even though I haven’t done this for many years now, that memory arises with every Easter time and I still associate Easter with holidaying in North Devon.

However, I try to make Easter significant from a personal growth stance and challenge myself to discover what I now need to ‘die’ to (let go of) in order to grow in wisdom and understanding so that in a sense I am ‘born again’.

Easter is, of course, the first holiday of the New Year (apart of course from New year’s Day) and in essence it can be a very enjoyable time but I personally do hope I can make it productive through growing in wisdom and understanding.

PONDER POINTS: on reading this my thoughts were…..and what I feel is.. what Easter means to me is ….



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My writing is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality through our feelings, thoughts and actions.