‘If you have built CASTLES in the air, your WORK need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put FOUNDATIONS under them. (Henry David Thoreau)

So we can choose to NOT merely ‘DREAM ON’ but to make our dream a reality by seriously considering: a. if our ‘dream’ is what we truly wish in our hearts, or merely an echo of what we feel we ought or should accomplish or b. whether it is our dream and not merely our need to live up to others’ expectations of us.

If, indeed our ‘CASTLE IN THE AIR’ is our heart’s desire then we need to seriously consider HOW we can build a foundation under them. What actions do we need to take in order to make our dream a reality?

First and foremost, however, I do feel we need to examine whether or not WE FEEL THAT WE TRULY DESERVE for our dream to become a reality AND if we feel mixed feelings around whether or not we deserve, then these feelings need to be examined as do the thoughts which are creating these feelings.

PONDER POINTS: on reading this I felt….my thoughts on reading this were…at the moment ‘my heart’s desire’ i.e. what would really like to happen/achieve is …. what I feel might be holding be back from making my dreams come true is …

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