17 June 2022- SILENCE

How hard most of us find it to be SILENT — silent both in the sense of not feeling obliged to talk when we are with others, but most importantly SILENT in our minds through ceasing our incessant thinking.

‘Assume silence when others criticise you’ aware that they are entitled to their opinion and you can allow them their opinion without taking it on board!

Meditation is one way of stilling the mind by focussing on the rise and fall of our breathing when we are sitting quietly for the purpose of meditating.

When we are going about our everyday work, however, our rational minds are usually working overtime by commenting on other people’s actions and justifying and defending our own.

How many of us choose to escape from our thoughts and our Rational Minds through music? As I look out of my window whilst writing this most people passing on their own have ear phones in. This allows them to escape from thoughts and feelings they would probably rather not face.

And it also cuts them off from what is happening around them, the scenery they are passing. the shape of the clouds in the sky which is the opposite effect of assuming silence which brings one more in touch with what is happening in the moment.

PONDER POINTS: on reading the above my feelings were ….my thoughts were…. when others criticise me my reaction is to …..I am aware of criticising others when ….


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