17 November 2021 — THE ART OF HAPPINESS

This is a title of a book by the Dalai Lama which I read a long time ago. I cannot remember what it says.

I’ve chosen to use this title for today’s blog simply because I have had a long tiring day accompanying a friend to Southmead Hospital and whereas in the past I feel I would be feeling fed up and disgruntled I actually feel happy and in good spirits.

The Art of Happiness for me is, as I have said many times before ACCEPTANCE but I do feel today that acceptance is not the only cause of my spirits being lifted and my feelings of pleasure with life.

So WHAT ELSE HAS CONTRIBUTED TO THIS STATE OF MIND? I feel that the cause is simply the absence of my EGO SELF. The part of me which reflects, analyses, judges and criticises others has been lacking and JOY IN LIFE has been uppermost. A little bit unusual for me. But today I think that I have discovered what ‘going with the flow’ really means.

It means allowing one’s self to be a part of everything and everyone. one encounters.

It means experiencing JOY in others’ good fortune and it means the awareness that everything happens for a reason and that everything eventually changes so whatever problem we are presented with in the moment will pass. Therefore, although my ego self would have preferred NOT to have experienced the events of today my wise/soul side has simply gone along with the events of today and embraced them wholeheartedly with love.

UNHAPPYNESS is a concept which has been totally alien to my state of mind.

PONDER POINTS: how I feel on reading the above is… my thoughts on reading the above are …what I think about the concept of having a soul side as well as an ego side is….

My writing is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality through our feelings, thoughts and actions.