18 March 2022 — Abraham Lincoln Quote

‘And in the end it’s not the YEARS in your LIFE that count.

It’s the LIFE in your YEARS.’

I’m not sure what he meant exactly by LIFE in your years but I presume him to have meant the energy one puts in to achieving what is close to one’s heart — ie what one truly believes in.

Lincoln died through being assassinated so not a good end but: ‘ he led the Nation through the Civil War and succeeded in preserving the Union, abolishing slavery, bolstering the federal government and modernising the US economy’.

Being aware of his achievements I feel, illuminates what he meant by the above saying.

It is, I believe, not meant for all of us to be so active in shaping our society. It is my belief that we all incarnate into a body for different reasons and for some of us the reason may simply be to attain more understanding of our inner selves and the knowledge that we are indeed ‘souls in a body’.

However, Lincoln’s phrase applies in the sense of the energy we put into our life’s chosen purpose and into understanding ourselves.

I’ve no idea why I was drawn to write this blog about Abraham Lincoln, only that I came across this statement of his and felt inspired to do so.

PONDER POINTS: On reading this I felt…..my thoughts on the above are….how I feel about the statement by Abraham Lincoln is ….



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