2 February 2021 — YOU WIN SOME YOU LOSE SOME.

YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME. YESTERDAY I would say I was on the WINNING SIDE when a stranger was very kind to me.

TODAY was the opposite when I attended a Doctor’s appointment at my local surgery. The receptionist who dealt with me I classify as ‘IT’S A ‘MORE THAN MY JOB’S WORTH’ person.

When I have a doctors appointment my son always comes with me as my memory is not too good. Until today this has never been a problem. NOR was it a problem for the Dr. I saw who welcomed us both into his room. HOWEVER, the receptionist refused to let him accompany me until the Doctor intervened on my behalf.

It was only few days ago that I filled in a form asking the patient to rate the Surgery on their performance. I gave a glowing report saying amongst other things, that all the receptionists were friendly and helpful!

My first inclination after the incident was to write a letter of complaint but I reconsidered this when I reflected upon the fact that the Receptionist in question was only doing her job and was probably following instructions from her bosses. Following them indeed, to the letter and NOT weighing up each incident with which she found herself dealing. SHE WAS DOING HER JOB AS SHE INTERPRETED IT and seeing her interpretation as gospel.

This led me to reflect upon how I have a tendency to put into practice the various philosophical theories by which I live my life and which sometimes lead me to act in ways which seem unsympathetic rather than empathetic.

And, Old Adages comes to mind:



On reflection I have come to the conclusion that we all have an element of ‘IT’S MORE THAN MY JOB’S WORTH’= or IT IS QUESTIONING MY INTEGRITY TO ACT INTHAT WAY.

And in circumstances such as these OUR POINT OF POWER LIES in our ability to stay calm and to see where the other person is coming from.