20 October 2020 — WHEN LIFE GETS ON TOP OF US

And … we often feel like this when Life presents us with what seems like problem after problem. I’m not talking about serious problems such as death and illness but just the everyday things which seem to go wrong like not getting the job we want, feeling depressed because we’re not quite sure where we are going in life; upsetting people without meaning to etc etc.

A Sri Sathya Sai Baba Card reads: ‘Remember the whole thing is just a play and the Lord has assigned you a part. Act well your part, there all your duty ends. He has designed the play and He enjoys it.’

And, whether or not we believe in God we certainly cause ourselves problems when we take ourselves too seriously, allowing ourselves to get upset over things we cannot change, instead of shrugging our shoulders, taking a deep breath and dealing with what life has put before us.

Over the years I believe we come to know the difference between what we are able to change and what we are not. My blog of the 17 October talked about ‘flurry and worry’ and our mind’s urge to take us away from our inner peace through worrying. Our EGO’S like to feel that we exist separately from all else and therefore we put much effort into denying our oneness with all things — that ‘ONENESS’ which arises when we are momentarily taken out of ourselves through listening to music or coming across a beautiful view.

At the moment I am at a point where I could so easily let ‘LIFE GET ON TOP OF ME’ because of countless little things seeming to go wrong but that is a CHOICE I am determined to resist making!


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