21 November 2023 — Acquaintances, Friends or Foe?

Of the many people we know, they tend to fit into different categories according to our reactions to them.

‘Acquaintances’ are merely people we know in passing whilst ‘Friends’ are people with whom we share our innermost thoughts and feelings.

BUT, how do we define FOE? As people who wish to do us harm? As people who are ‘out to get us’? As people we ourselves dislike intensely and do not care about what happens to them?

ACQUAINTANCES, FRIENDS or FOE? It does seem a great pity that we are unable to embrace ALL whom we meet without judgement and that the category of ‘FOE’ becomes distinct because we are able to accept people for whom they are and as they are.

PONDER POINTS: My thoughts on reading this were …my feelings on reading it are ….



Barbara Thorne: The Point of Power is Now

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