21 September 2020 — FEELING GOOD ABOUT ONE’S SELF?

Have you ever caught yourself having a flash of mentally thinking and feeling HOW GOOD THINGS ARE , only for the mind to immediately seek out something that you don’t feel so good about?

AND, instead of this making you feel unhappy because you have disrupted your feeling of inner peace, you feel justified and a little relieved to have given yourself something to worry about?

‘There is nothing right or wrong but thinking makes it so’.

The problem for us humans is that when both hemispheres of our brain are NOT balanced we are in conflict with ourselves and when this happens inner peace and ‘The Point of Power in The Moment’ is NOT Ours.

When both brain hemispheres are balanced and our rational thinking minds are in touch with our intuitive wise sides then inner peace is ours and we are happy to embrace whatever is happening in our lives.

But when our wise intuitive brain and our rational thinking brain are in conflict we project that conflict on to the outside and find those faults we wish to deny within us on to others.

The irony is that instead of embracing the energy which we find naturally within us we tend to put energy into trying to reach for those things which the rational mind desires because it thinks it will make us feel better.

QUESTIONS WE MIGHT ASK OURSELVES — The pay-off for having something to worry about is …..

Why we feel uncomfortable when feeling peaceful and at one with ourselves is… What is the catalyst which causes the rational mind to grab at worry? How is the denial of inner peace being reflected in our bodies?


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