‘I don’t believe in age, it’s just a number. I believe in energy. Don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do;.

‘Age is just a number and your talent will never fail you. It has no expiry date’. (Madhuri Dixit)

Age may be just a number and until a few days ago I was able to walk up hills with no problem which I did most days in order to reach my favourite green space. MY ENERGY WAS GOOD.

I do believe that ‘it’s all in the mind’ in the sense that what we believe psychologically becomes our reality. And yet no one can deny that the body does age as one grows older but if we apply the adage MIND OVER MATTER then we are a long way towards conquering many of the physical problems age brings.

Our minds, however, can dictate to us HOW we should behave at different ages if our conditioning has implanted rigid ideas as to WHAT IS PROPER BEHAVIOUR AND WHAT IS NOT at the age we have reached.

Perhaps it is appropriate to respect our bodies in the sense that if we are lacking in ENERGY, rather than pushing ourselves to the limit energy wise, we make the choice to relax and USE OUR TALENTS (explore our creativity) rather than to push ourselves beyond the limits of our energy.

Today, I did push myself beyond what felt like my limit and I am pleased that I did. However, I realise that I am somewhat ATTACHED to doing what I always do in order to PROVE TO MYSELF that age is just a number.

MENTALLY perhaps I do need to make allowances for those periods when for whatever reason I feel lacking in energy and allow my body to rest instead of insisting on doing what I have always done. And perhaps I should ask myself where the need to CHALLENGE myself comes from. ‘CHANGE is the order of the day’ and mentally I feel it would help if I could let go of the desire and the need to do what I have always done.

PONDER POINTS; how I felt on reading the above is…ways in which I challenge myself rather than yielding to prevailing conditions are ….I feel that I resist feeling that I’m growing older because …..


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