22 August 2021 — HABITS

Habitual behaviour keeps us safe. Habits refer to our repetitive behaviour — to the things we always do. And then sometimes, for whatever reason we cease to behave in that habitual way. And not having acted in that way once can lead to us ceasing that behaviour permanently.

SO then we have empty space — empty space in our minds and in our habitual ways of behaving = how do we fill it up? By creating another habit? Or by simply allowing that empty space to be there and discovering a different side of ourselves?

However, whether the dropping of the habitual behaviour becomes permanent or not often depends on how much we identify ourselves with the habit pattern. How much does a particular habitual way of behaviour become ‘US’ = become whom we believe ourselves to be?

Habitual behaviour often becomes so much a part of who we are that we are often totally unaware of our dependency upon it. It can often teach us a lot about who we are and how we come across to others if we identify our habitual behaviour and come to be aware of our habit patterns.


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