22 June 2022 — A WONDERFUL WORLD

‘I see trees so green, red roses too/I see them bloom for me and you, And I think to myself what a Wonderful World… Lois Armstrong

The above is just a short couple of lines from this song but I felt inspired to use the title in this blog because at the moment with the gorgeous weather we are having people generally are happy, communicative and commenting on the lovely weather. People with sadness in their lives seem to be able to endure it better when the sun is shining.

Many people, however, have told me when the forecast indicates that rain will take the place of the sun and heat.

Will the World cease to be Wonderful when the weather changes I wonder or will the Sun inside of us continue to shine. The World does not change and if one listens to the World News there are very many places experiencing war and famine.

However, I believe one way in which the weather affects us all is to put us in touch with our inner love and our capacity to care for and help others which when it is blowing a gale or pouring with rain gets buried under our discontent.

It can still be a ‘Wonderful World’ however, if we allow our feelings to rise and fall, accept what happens knowing that change is inevitable and nothing lasts forever.

PONDER POINTS: on reading this my thoughts were….my feelings are …I am aware that in the past I have found it difficult to think of the World as Wonderful when …. the difference the lovely weather makes to my mood is …


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