25 June 2022 — LOVING OTHERS

‘Loving others’ means accepting them as they are and NOT wanting to change them or wishing they were different.

I have had cause to wonder how many people in my life I do accept as they are without wishing they were different or wanting to change them!!

However, the people in our lives are NOT there randomly: I believe we have attracted them into our lives for a reason and that reason could be that we have something to learn from relating to them. The people with whom we relate bring out different sides of our ‘selves’ as we bring out different sides of them and it is through our relating to others that we become aware of these different sides of ourselves and learn to ‘love ourselves warts and all’.

A common remark in regard to our responses to others is that ‘well we can’t all be the same and how boring it would be if we were’!!

It is, of course, human nature to want ‘things’ to change: to change ourselves and to change others. ‘Things’ (circumstances/other people. ourselves etc) will only change if we learn to LOVE and ACCEPT whatever we have attracted into our lives and most importantly are able to LOVE OURSELVES WARTS AND ALL!!

We need to EMBRACE life as we find it rather than being selective and wishing to reject and deny parts of it, ie certain events and people.

PONDER POINTS: my feelings on reading the above were…my thoughts on reading the above are ….people in my life whom I find myself being critical of are…….the things I find myself regretting rather than accepting and moving on from are ….


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