25 May 2020 — Keep Smiling Through

These words keep coming into my mind today. They are, of course, the opening line of ‘We’ll Meet Again, Don’t Know Where Don’t Know When’. I’m not sure why it is on my mind at the moment, other than the whole song is devoted to exhorting everyone to keep their spirits up and look on the bright side. And, of course, it was sung in the Second World War, so it could be an indication that it feels like we are all at war fighting the Coronavirus.

If The Point of Power is to be OURS in the moment, then there truly isn’t anything else we can do but keep our spirits up: keep smiling through in the knowledge that we WILL COME OUT THE OTHER SIDE at some point.

AND, in most cases when the entire population is ‘up against it’ and struggling with the same problem an air of camaraderie prevails.



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Barbara Thorne: The Point of Power is Now

My writing is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality through our feelings, thoughts and actions.