THE POINT OF POWER, of course, is ours when we are in touch with that ‘STILL SMALL VOICE’. When we are able to balance both the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that the RATIONAL ‘MONKEY’ MIND is not worrying, resenting, desiring, self pitying, criticising and comparing ourselves to others etc etc.

We are in touch with our INTUITIVE SIDES when the RATIONAL MIND IS QUIET and not burying our innate intuitive knowing. It is quite astounding, I find, how much we just ‘know’ when the rational mind is in harmony with our intuitive knowing —ie when both brain hemispheres are in tune with each other. But sooner or later something happens to bring the rational mind back into play allowing our ego minds to ‘rule OK!’ This can be a memory, or someone upsetting us in some way which awakens our criticising, judging faculty and our rational need to defend ourselves to ourselves, if not to others.

We can STILL OUR MINDS through putting ourselves in touch with our feelings in the Solar Plexus area because FEELINGS precede thoughts. These feelings we will undoubtedly experience as very unpleasant but if we simply imagine our feelings as a butterfly flapping its wings and allow them to rise and fall until the wings are still, we will be able to embrace these feelings in our hearts, reclaim our intuitive knowing and hear our STILL SMALL VOICE.


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Barbara Thorne: The Point of Power is Now

My writing is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality through our feelings, thoughts and actions.