Sometimes we feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD whilst at others we feel the WORLD IS ON TOP OF US! And as always, of course, there is ‘mister in between’ when we feel neither one or the other.

This begs the question that IF, WE CHOOSE OUR OWN REALITY — and I sincerely believe that we do! — why do we choose to attract situations which make us feel that the WORLD IS ON TOP OF US?

Sometimes, of course, things are out of our control with situations involving friends and loved ones, in those situations our choice lies in the region of how we react and choose to cope.

The main point of this blog, however, is to remind myself at a time when I am specifically worried about something specific, that worrying never solves anything and merely makes us feel as if the WORLD IS ON TOP OF US. What good does this do?

A start towards climbing back up to the TOP OF THE WORLD is, perhaps, to remind ourselves of all the good and positive things in our lives. OR if that seems difficult, to remind ourselves of the times when we have had that ON TOP OF THE WORLD feeling and relax into that feeling of knowing that all will come right in the end because whatever happens we will learn to accommodate it, accept it and climb back to feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD. knowing that the feeling of the world being on top of us is our choice and need only be temporary.

PONDER POINTS: My feelings on reading this are …. my thoughts on reading this are …. I remember feeling ‘on top of the world’ when …i felt the world was on top of me when …


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