26 June 2022 = FORGIVENESS

How many times have we or others told ourselves to’ forgive and FORGET’ when we are holding a grudge towards others or someone is holding one against us. It is another of those things which is not easy to do.

BUT WHY SHOULD IT BE SO HARD? Why do our minds wish to hold on to anger at others? What is it we are not facing in ourselves by feeling justified in feeling angry at others and in holding on to that anger? Why do we find it so difficult to forget and to move on from the incident?

I suspect that somewhere down the line, behind our mental justifications for feeling angry at the other, there is some kind of guilt or shame around the way we behaved in the past which we don’t wish to face. AND beneath that GUILT AND SHAME lies anger at our ‘selves’ for not being ‘perfect’!

In my book most of our problems lie in our inability to accept our humaneness and the fact that we are not ‘perfect’ and that we DO sometimes ACT in WAYS of which we are ashamed, telling ourselves that we should be above that kind of behaviour!.

FORGIVENESS IS ALL. The key to forgiveness is simply that we forget ie leave the incident where it belongs in the past and MOVE ON.

PONDER POINTS: on reading this I felt …my thoughts on reading this were…incidents from the past which my mind won’t let go of are…. I find it easy to forgive and forget when…I find it difficult to forgive and forget when…


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