27 August 2022- — SERENDIPITY

The dictionary definition of Serendipity is ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way — a fortunate stroke of SERENDIPITY.

Today I experienced SERENDIPITY. The day had not been going very well and I was feeling somewhat exhausted at having to walk a very long way around to get to the harbourside because of the closing of the local bridge across the water which is my quickest access point to the harbour.

But on that walk I met an acquaintance I had not seen for three years as he had moved out of the area. He is back working in the area and gave me all the details of where and when.. He seemed as pleased to see me as I was to see him and he reminded me of the conversations we used to have about philosophy.

Had the bridge been open and I had not bumped into him, it is very likely I would have remained ignorant of the fact that he is back working in the area.

Whilst enjoying the pleasant feelings this chance meeting aroused within me, I was able to feel positive about the change in circumstances and find ‘positives’ instead of ‘negatives’ in the bridge being closed. Walking further is good for my health in that it involves more exercise and aids my goal of losing weight.

CHANGE can be good even though our habit pattern is often to resist it at first. Officially it is said that it takes about a month for a new activity to become a habit so hopefully I will stop resenting the closure of the bridge and become grateful that it closed in a month’s time!

PONDER POINTS: on reading this I felt…on reading this my thoughts were …things which have happened to me which I would call ‘serendipitous’ are …sometimesI am able to change ‘negative’ mind set into a positive one by ….



Barbara Thorne: The Point of Power is Now

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