To shrug our shoulders and move on from unpleasant circumstances without our feeling cross or needing to blame someone is being EQUANIMOUS.

How hard is that!! Very hard, of course because our minds love to chatter and to praise and blame!

Like ALL THINGS the ability to be EQUANIMOUS takes practice along with the desire to be so. Very often, when our minds are consumed with anger or regret and we find ourselves going over and over something blaming ourselves or others, we feel uncomfortable and tell ourselves we really must stop but there is a part of us which does not wish to stop.

How much joy and happiness we feel, however, when we ARE ABLE TO LET GO and be equanimous knowing that what has happened, happened and all the ‘going over’ it in our minds will not change it.

As I’ve said many times before we cannot change what has happened, we can only change our responses to what has happened. And when we are able to be EQUANIMOUS and not allow ourselves to react in a negative way to circumstances, then we GIVE OURSELVES THE GIFT OF HAPPINESS AND JOY.

Ponder Points: what I felt on reading the above was…what I think about the above is ….. I last remember getting upset about something which happened when…. being upset made me feel …. I was able to be equanimous towards circumstances even though I regretted their having happened when …


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