‘If you think you can you will, if you think you can’t you won’t’.

‘Mind over matter’.

Determined as I am to heal myself and not to let my body have its way: as confident as I am that i will be able to do so DOES NOT SEEM to be have any affect on the way I am feeling.

The Point of Power is Now! but it doesn’t seem to be mine at the moment!

The questions I need to ask are: Why have I chosen this situation? What do I have to learn from it? And, perhaps, I need to take responsibility for making the choice for my body to be ill.

Perhaps I need time out to reflect on whether or not I am going in the right direction and to get in touch with my soul knowing.

Perhaps THE POINT OF POWER IS MINE simply by my choosing to accept the situation when all the tactics I have tried to alter the situation just haven’t worked!

PONDER POINTS: on reading this i felt….my thoughts on reading this are…what I feel about the idea of one choosing to be ill is … the things I have achieved through sheer determination against all odds are ….


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