3 September 2020 — Bobbing Along on the Crest of a Wave

LIFE is the crest of the wave but how easy is it for us to simply bob along, to float with the tides, and take the rough with the smooth? When circumstances occur which are not to our liking we sometimes allow our ‘selves’ to sink into despair and feel very sorry for ourselves.

When we are able to ‘bob along on the crest of the wave’ we are simply ‘going with the flow’. This is NOT suggesting that we be a ‘victim’ to circumstances for seeing ourselves as being a VICTIM is merely choosing to think negatively. And once we DO start viewing ourselves in this way we will start attracting circumstance after circumstance wherein we view ourselves as being powerless and as a victim of circumstances as, of course, what we think becomes our reality.

AND when we think negatively we bring out deep seated, buried anger at all those times when we felt ourselves to be powerless and a victim of circumstances. All those times, when instead of ’bobbing along on the Crest of a Wave’ and floating with the tides we felt crest fallen, powerless and that ‘life was out to get us’.

PATIENCE, TOLERANCE and PERSEVERANCE are the inner qualities which help us be able to ‘bob along on the crest of a wave’ and, ‘to float with the tides’: instead of feeling cross and hard done by. This, together, of course, with our ability to take responsibility for creating those circumstances facing us, instead of playing the ‘blame’ game.

instead of playing the ‘blame’ game.

My writing is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality through our feelings, thoughts and actions.