This title was inspired by a friend who is going through a troublesome time and having to cope with illness. It would be so easy for her to indulge in worry, self pity and resentment at what is happening to her BUT instead she is reminding herself of all the things in her life for which she has to be grateful.

Sometimes when I talk to my homeless friends they are full of gloom and doom. The place that they were offered doesn’t seem to be materialising or they are not feeling well etc etc. Well one thing they have to be grateful for in my opinion is that they are able to sit down on the floor and get up again! Something I am unable to do!! Apart from the fact that many do have their health and that they know that they will be housed eventually.

BUT MOREOVER everyday they are recipients of people’s kindness and good will.

Many people do, of course, pass by totally ignoring them BUT I would say that just as many stop and talk and listen and that is certainly something for which to give gratitude.

In the second paragraph I referred to the homeless as my homeless ‘friends’ and I do see them as that and whilst I am very pleased when I no longer pass them begging in the street because they have been housed, I also feel a little sad.

Is there anyone of us, whatever our circumstances, who does not ave anything at all to be grateful for?

PONDER POINTS: how I felt on reading this was ….. my thoughts on the above are ….. things I am grateful for are ….. what I am dissatisfied about is ….



Barbara Thorne: The Point of Power is Now

My writing is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality through our feelings, thoughts and actions.