This blog should perhaps have been entitled GRETA THUNBERG. What an extraordinary person she is and so young! She certainly puts me to shame for so often I do not get beyond talking and thinking about standing up or fighting for something I believe in. I end shrugging my shoulders and opting out leaving it to someone else.

The passion is lacking in me to act and I suffice myself by merely talking about what I see as needing changing.

Greta Thunberg is a good example to us all. Of course, she has her critics. Indeed being criticised by others is the price one pays for sticking one’s head out.

However, ‘fighting for what one believes in’ does just not mean sticking one’s head out into the world, it means on a day to day basis SAYING WHAT ONE BELIEVES and ACTING in ways which support what one believes.

So often people talk eloquently about their beliefs and yet act in the opposite way. On a personal level Greta Thunberg gives me the courage and the strength to only say what I believe and and the strength to act accordingly.

PONDER POINTS: How I felt on reading this is ….. what I think about it is… the points with which I agree are … the points with which I disagree are …my opinion of Greta Thunberg is …the people I admire for their actions and beliefs are …..



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Barbara Thorne: The Point of Power is Now

Barbara Thorne: The Point of Power is Now

My writing is based on the understanding that ‘we’, (each of us individually) create our own reality through our feelings, thoughts and actions.