8 June 2021 — Masculinity versus Femininity

My experience this morning has left me feeling that I don’t much like masculine energy as I am judging it to be forceful and without consideration for the other. This is because I desperately wished to concentrate on writing but had chosen an outdoor café by the river to do this, and male friends kept sitting down by me and talking without a ‘by your leave’.

Whereas, I tell myself, female friends would have noticed I was busy and at least asked if it was ok to interrupt me to which I would have probably replied ‘yes’.

This insight has led me to consider whether or not I truly wished to complete my work and to question why I didn’t work at home or at least go to a café where no one knew me.

I certainly gave away My Point of Power by allowing myself to be interrupted. How could i have exercised my POINT OF POWER? I could have said ‘it’s lovely to see you but will you please excuse me as I really need to finish what I’m working on’. I very much doubt that this would have upset anybody and in the final analysis I expect that people would rather I had said something than merely tolerated them wondering when I would be free to get back to what I was doing.

I certainly seem to have attracted circumstances which have caused me to question the difference between masculinity and femininity as a male cyclist parked his bike in a way which blocked the nearest exit from the café meaning that people had to go a much longer way in order to leave.

Would a female cyclist have done this I wonder?


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