An incident today got me thinking how easy it is to bury some of our problems in food. I was seriously stumped about how to proceed and asking a friend who said ‘dinner’s ready, come and get it’ thereby ignoring my plea for help.

Of course it is food which sustains us and it is a very important part of our lives but then it can be a problem if we are underweight or overweight. Many of us make it a problem by eating either too much or too little and many of us live to eat rather than eating to live!

AND many of us do eat NOT because we are hungry, but, as i mentioned in the first paragraph, in an attempt to hide from our problems. But I mustn’t forget those people, and there are many of them, who do have a healthy relationship with food. I just wish I was one of them!

THE POINT OF POWER lies in our ability to love ourselves enough to be in touch with our body’s needs and to be able to adhere to them.


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